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3/12 Hybrid

This organ is made from several organs, but the basis is the Robert Morton from the Beyer Theatre in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. This was a 6 rank instrument, which  Ray Stephens removed from the theatre in the mid 50's and re-installed at Diamond Jims (Diamond Jim's was a private supper club featuring BIG name entertainers).  Ray had only enough room for 4 ranks out of the original 6 ranks of the Beyer Morton at Diamond Jim's where Bob Paige played weekly .The organ was removed from Diamond Jim's after a lift accident destroyed the console.

The current console is from the Commodore Theatre in Philadelphia, PA.  It was rebuilt with new stop rails from Ken Crome and made into a double stop rail console by LOLTOS members Don Johnson and Bob Scholer

The Ranks

Tibia (Beyer)
Vox Humana (KDKA radio, Pittsburg, PA)
Salicional (KDKA radio)
Voix Celeste (KDKA radio)
Horn Diapason (Beyer)
Concert Flute (Wurlitzer and Kimball harmonic flute),
Clarinet (Trivo revoiced Morton from Bob Maes
Trumpet (Morton, St. Claire theatre, St Paul, MN.)
Kinura (Gottfried, from Sam LaRosa)*
Orchestral Oboe (Loews Th. Louisville, KY)
Post Horn (oboe horn conversion by George Miller), Quintadena (Estey, revoiced by Century Pipe Organs)

* Recently the Gottfried Kinura was replaced by a Kimball Oboe Horn by James Blomberg
The traps and percussions are:
Wurlitzer: glockenspiel, Xylophone, and traps
Moller: Marimba Harp
Barton: Chrysoglott
Morton: Chimes (20 notes)
The 5 HP, 3 phase, Spencer blower is from the American Theatre in Roanoke, Virginia


The tone opening and alter area The Console
The clarinet, diapason, and tibia ranks, with swell shutters in the background. The bass drum, mounted high on the wall of the chamber.